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skin classic faq

AKA electrodessication 

frequently asked questions

what will my skin look like post treatment?

the area treated may appear erythmic (red) with some inflammation.  redness typically subsides within a few hours. 

 lighter skin tones may take longer for the redness to calm. 

 some scabbing or crusting is normal but depends on the irregularity and the area of the body being treated.

SPF is mandatory to prevent uneven pigmentation.  

how long does it take to heal?

a scab or crust usually appears within 24 hours.  

depending on the type of lesion treated, it can take up to 14 days to fall off naturally. 

do not pick!!

pink post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (pih) can linger anywhere from 30-120 days.  

this is normal, the skin takes time to heal.

if diabetic, it will take longer to heal.

can I wear make up?

as soon as you scab, yes. 

however, be gentle and do not scrub when removing make up.

what if it takes longer than that to heal?

be patient! 

don't pick!

and treat your skin kindly.  

what happens if the treated skin irregularity is still present 30 days later?

some areas may need more than one treatment.

why can’t you treat my broken capillaries on my legs?

lower extremities (anything below the belly) are not recommended for treatment using the skin classic. 

saline injections and laser therapy are the recommended option for these areas.

is it safe to treat pigmented lesions/age spots?


however we encourage you to first visit with your doctor.  ask them to examine any spot that is questionable or suspicious. 

if cleared, we can treat most pigmented lesions smaller than a dime. 

we can not, and will not treat moles. 

i'm not a candidate if...

accutane or isotretinoin used in the past 12 months

am currently pregnant

have a pacemaker

have lupus

have melasma

have a bleeding disorder

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