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lashlift, lash, and brow tint

lash lift & tint ($69, 60 minutes)

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using elleebana one shot lash lift, your natural lashes are elevated to new levels. the process uses a lifting solution, followed by a setting solution, & completed with a tint color of your choice. 

lifted lashes open the eye, and belmacil tint colors the lash for a bold but natural look! 

lift results typically last six weeks while the tint may fade between weeks three and four.


for the first 24 hours your lashes are still malleable. avoid any steam or mascara near your lashes for a minimum of 24 hours - the first evening of your lash lift, it's super important to sleep on your back as to avoid smashed lashes. know that continued sleep on one side can effect the appearance of your lift as well. super hot showers, hot yoga, cooking, steam rooms, just completed dishwasher cycle, rice cookers all give off hot steam that will relax your lashes in a hurry. avoid these and swimming for just a day and you'll be good. lash lifting is a process on the hair and for some, it can make the lashes feel dry - to keep them hydrated and nourished use coconut or castor oil 2-3 x a week after the first 48 hours.

brow tint ($19, 10 minutes)

bolden your brows with a custom tint application and enhance your beautiful peepers!

lash tint ($25, 20 minutes)

get bolder and more noticeable lashes today! we offer a custom tint application to enhance your already-gorgeous lashes without using mascara.

brow lamination ($69, 45 minutes)

AKA the brazilian blowout for your brows! this new trend is a 3 step process designed to realign the directional growth of the hair. the process creates a look of added volume and fluff while combing the brow hairs over sparse areas hides gaps and makes brows appear fuller. this service includes a complimentary brow tint and brow wax.

you're a candidate if your brows are unruly and don't quite sit the direction you'd like. 

 if your brows are naturally curly, this service may not be a good fit for you.

contradictions for this service include:


recent eye surgery


recent permanent makeup (must be healed 6 weeks)


ultra-sensitive skin (the solution and tint both will be on your skin)

blood thinners

eye infections

scar tissue in the area


recent retinol use

recent exfoliation

topical prescription creams

brow henna (must be booked 12 weeks after henna application)

post care

this is a process on the brows similar to a perm and requires that brows remain dry for 24-48 hours.

avoid touching the brow area to avoid risk of transferring oils.

do not apply make up to brow area for 24 hours.

do not apply retinol, ahas, bhas, or prescription topical to the area 72 hours before the service and 72 hours after.

please avoid self tanner products for at least 48 hours.

this is a process on the hair and it is normal for brows to feel dry post service. 

 to nourish your brows, apply castor, vitamin E, or jojoba oils daily and brush hairs in the preferred direction. 

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